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Fencing Tip

I am tearing down old fencing to make way for the new barn and new, reconfigured paddocks. So this is a good time to share some fencing education that I learned a bit late and for which I am now paying the price. My fencing is typical 5-foot horse fencing. When I put it up several years ago, I chose to put the staples into the fenceposts directly over the spot where the horizontal and vertical wires met and were wired together. Seemed stronger that way.

Then I took the Facilities Management class at Santa Rosa Junior College and learned that the correct way to staple the fencing is to put the staples over the horizontal wires. That way, if a horse hits the fence, there is some “give” that can save both the horse and the fence from damage.

And now that I am “undoing” my incorrect installation, I can share another reason for not putting the staples in over the junction of horizontal and vertical wires. IT IS A PAIN TO REMOVE THOSE STAPLES WHEN APPLIED IN THIS MANNER! I’m using my trusty fencing tool to remove the staples, and trying to pry the end under that mish-mosh of joined wires to pry the staple loose is time-consuming and difficult.

So staple the fencing correctly, and save your horse, your fence and yourself some damage and aggravation!

By the way, I bought my fencing tool in the 1970s when I was riding in the Working Cowgirl class in local parades, and it was a required piece of equipment. That’s the only reason I bought it. Forty years later, it is one of my most valuable pieces of equipment! Also known as fencing pliers. I’d hoped to include a picture but I don’t seem to be able to find one that is not copyrighted and I’m too lazy to go out and take a picture of my own.